The 6 Rs: Recognize

We want the NSW government to:

  • RECOGNISE the importance of recreational fishing to the NSW economy, the health and welfare of
    its citizens and the custodianship of the fisheries resources and the aquatic environment.
  • Amend the Fisheries Management Act 1994 to recognise the right to fish recreationally.
  • Recognise the value of recreational fishing in the Fisheries Management Act.
  • Provide in legislation for compensation to be paid for the removal of access for recreational fishing.

Why the RFA made this a priority:
The Committee feels that a review the out-dated Fisheries Management Act and its various
parts such as the Threatened Species and Conservation sections.

How the RFA hopes the Government will implement the priority:
The Committee has already approached external experts in this field who are willing to assist
in the process.

The outcome here is that a roadmap can be delivered to the NSW Government and minor
parties that will assist them in understanding why the RFA Committee made this a priority.

Through the establishment and support of an RFA Executive Officer to work with NSW DPI
and the NSW Government to deliver this priority.

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