The 6 Rs: Reform

We want the NSW government to REFORM commercial fishing to deliver an efficient, profitable and sustainable industry valued and respected by the community.

Why the RFA made this a priority:

  • Support funding for the dignified retirement of excess fishing effort.
  • Negotiate for the removal of inefficient or unsustainable fishing methods with fair
  • Work with the commercial fishing industry to optimise the social and community benefits
    derived from sustainable fishing in every area of the state.
  • Fund the reallocation of resources and access between sectors with fair compensation.
  • Through the establishment and support of an RFA Executive Officer to work with NSW DPI
    and the NSW Government to deliver this priority.

How the RFA hopes the Government will implement the priority:

  • The RFA is hopeful of obtaining a position within the ongoing reform platform for
    commercial fishing in NSW and present and support bipartisan positions that support the
    preservation of fish stocks and the marine environment within NSW.

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