The 6 Rs: Rehabilitate

We want to work with the NSW government to REHABILITATE and protect valuable fish habitat across NSW for our fishing future.

Why the RFA made this a priority:

  • Protect, regenerate and enhance natural fish habitat to support diverse healthy fisheries and
    fish populations, and where appropriate enhance habitat and protect forage and baitfish
    stocks as part of the critical food web in the salt and freshwater. These principles will lead to
    practical improvements and real benefits
  • There is already a lot of good work being done by Fisheries NSW, some of it instigated under
    the current Liberal/National government, some of it was started when Labor was in power.
    In addition to that work there are easily identifiable initiatives and projects that would make
    an enormous difference to the quality of the NSW recreational fishery—you can read a list of
    some of our ideas here. They include building more dedicated fishing platforms in Sydney
    Harbour and other popular fishing locations on the coast, research into the recent problems
    with the Snowy Mountains lakes rainbow trout fishery, trials of recreational fishing on
    Sydney water storages such as Prospect and Cataract dams, creation of more recreational
    fishing havens and artificial reefs and funding of more habitat restoration.

How the RFA hopes the Government will implement the priority:

  • Through the establishment and support of an RFA Executive Officer to work with NSW DPI
    and the NSW Government to deliver this priority.

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