The 8 Rs: Recognize

We want the NSW government to:

  • RECOGNISE the importance of recreational fishing to the NSW economy, the health and welfare of its citizens and the custodianship of the fisheries resources and the aquatic environment.
    • Amend the Fisheries Management Act 1994 to explicitly recognise the right to fish recreationally and provide in legislation for compensatable fishing rights for recreational fishers including the loss of access in any Recreational Fishing Haven or similar area.
    • Amend the Marine Estate Management Act 2014 to explicitly recognise and reinstate the right to fish recreationally, as under the previous Marine Parks Act 1997.
    • Support the formation of a dedicated Recreational Fishing Representative Body that is funded from the Recreational Fishing Trusts to provide for adequate operating costs for an initial minimum period of 5 years.
    • The Recreational Fishing Representative Body should be constituted to provide advocacy on behalf of all fee and non-fee-paying recreational fishers and to be able to deliver services and functions currently provided by government and others (excluding compliance and enforcement)—these capabilities to be phased in as its capacities are demonstrated.
    • The Recreational Fishing Peak Body will be empowered to promote the involvement of recreational fishers in research and monitoring projects.
    • The government contribution to the management of recreational fishing should be restored (adjusted to today’s dollars) to that agreed in 2001 when the general fishing licence was introduced.
    • The Office of Sport in NSW should officially recognise recreational fishing as an activity or sport.
    • Support the establishment of a fishing and diving museum to safeguard the history of the sport.

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