The 8 Rs: Rehabilitate

We want the NSW government to partner with recreational fishers and commercial to REHABILITATE and protect valuable fish habitat across NSW for our fishing future.

  • Respond to the need to protect, regenerate and enhance natural fish habitat to support diverse healthy fisheries and fish populations; where appropriate enhance habitat and protect forage and baitfish stocks as part of the critical food web in the salt and freshwater.
  • Invest $100 million annually into a habitat fund for on-ground fish habitat action benefiting our marine, estuarine and freshwater fisheries, including: living shellfish reefs, riparian vegetation, in-stream habitat, water quality improvements, fish passage barrier removal, fish screens and pumps.
  • Invest $100 million to follow a US-style model to provide for 100 new inshore artificial reefs to be installed over 20 years to enhance habitat and build resilience throughout our inshore waters.
  • Build capacity of our recreational fishing sector to lead and participate in fish habitat activities.

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