The 8 Rs: Review

We want the NSW government to partner with recreational fishers to REVIEW issues like the recreational fishing access fee and redefine the way funds are spent, driving a new direction for recreational fishing in NSW and restructuring the way the NSW Government consults with fishers.

One of the most infuriating issues since 2001 has been the cost shifting of core government responsibilities onto the NSW Recreational Fishing Trusts. Acceptance of the recreational fishing licence by anglers was predicated on the agreement that the government would maintain its level of service to recreational fishing. Cost shifting must stop, and the Trust Funds must revert to funding enhancements to recreational fishing, as was originally intended.

  • Cost shifting from the Department to the Trust Funds must cease, including funding for compliance and law enforcement, fisheries conservation, stock assessment and other basic research required to manage jointly fished stocks.
  • An independent body, such as IPART, should be commissioned to determine the government’s community service obligations to recreational fishing.
  • The cost of running all hatcheries including the Gaden Trout Hatchery be sourced from Consolidated Revenue.
  • The regulations governing recreational fishing should be reviewed and simplified to provide easily remembered rules appropriate for casual fishers.
  • Review all senior fishery management staff to ensure appropriate tertiary qualifications and fisheries management experience at a senior level.
  • The Rockfishing Safety Act 2016 must be reviewed and amended to explicitly recognise other forms of rock fishing safety attire.

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