The 8 Rs: Revitalise

We want the NSW government to partner with recreational fishers to REVITALISE recreational fishing and boating in in NSW, to make NSW a premier recreational fishing destination and promote the health and wellbeing benefits of fishing for communities and families.

  • Respond to the need to promote NSW as a premier tourist destination through the establishment of fishing trails in the salt and freshwater.
  • Partner with Destination NSW to enhanced fishing tourism by interstate and overseas visitors through targeted advertising campaigns.
  • Value adding to licences must be investigated as a priority by the Department, to move from impost to a valued commodity.
  • Increase efficiencies in licence sales and distribution to deliver more revenue for enhancement projects.
  • Better promote the contribution to improved fisheries and conservation of biodiversity achieved through fishing licence expenditure.
  • Promote to state and local government, tourism bodies and stakeholder groups the contribution to rural and coastal economies from recreational fishing.
  • Immediately investigate the option for infringement notices for non-compliance with the fishing fee to be replaced with a requirement to buy a licence (e.g. three years) as an appropriate penalty, plus an associated administration fee.
  • Initiate an opt-in renewal subscription, to provide automatic renewal of 1- and 3-year recreational fishing fee receipts upon expiry.
  • Recognition of the social, health and family cohesion benefits of fishing be better documented and promoted.
  • Investigate a voluntary recreational fisher registration system operated through tackle shops and boating and marine suppliers for non-fee-paying fishers.
  • 100% return of recreational boating registration and licence fees to a trust account to build, maintain and improve NSW recreational boating infrastructure.
  • Implement a dredging plan to keep boat ramps and river entrances clear of obstructions, and remove red tape to make the process more efficient.
  • Support local councils to enhance facilities like jetties, boat ramps and fishing platforms.
  • Repeal the Impounding Amendment (Unattended Boat Trailer) Act 2015 that requires boat owners who legally park their boats on their streets to move them every 28 days.

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