The 8 Rs: Research

We want the NSW government to partner with recreational and commercial fishers to improve the outlook for fish across NSW and RESEARCH, assess and develop new fishing opportunities and fishing experiences across NSW.

  • Develop an easily-accessible on-water or foreshore designed ‘Fish Out’ facility model that could readily be implemented and offer enhanced and highly successful fishing opportunities in places like Lake Macquarie, the Hawkesbury River, Botany Bay, Lake Illawarra or any other location across NSW.
  • Support the research to help understand the various existing coastal estuarine food web species like prawns and shellfish with the view to enhancing hand-gathering opportunities.
  • Support the stocking of Eastern King Prawns and Leader Prawns in ICOLS and Recreational Fishing Havens.
  • Support the study and development of intertidal shellfish breeding and stocking to support a controlled hand-gathering fishery for cockles, whelks, sea snails and other shellfish for Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Communities.
  • Develop and assist small fishing businesses to provide alternative recreational fresh and frozen bait fishery resources around important bait types like green weed, farmed disease-free prawns, yabbies, blood worms, etc.
  • Develop a recreational fishery citizen science research program.
  • Support the expansion of the ‘Tuna Champions’ program throughout NSW for Southern Bluefin Tuna.

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