As at 12th April 2020…

Q. What does the NSW Government say about fishing?

A: The NSW Health Department does specifically say that fishing is a permissible activity, however everyone should  be aware of the NSW Health Rules .

NSW Health Permissible Activities specifically mention that a reasonable excuse to use your boat could be to;  exercise (for example kayaking, sailing, paddling) and go fishing.

NSW Police have also issued a statement in regard to leaving home for exercise. NSW Police Statement

Any time you leave the house you are creating a chance for the virus to spread. Fishers should consider whether their desired fishing trip is really an ‘essential’ activity and with so many differing rules across various  jurisdictions and local government areas fishers need to be aware that a blanket rule that allows them to fish anywhere and everywhere in NSW does not currently exist.

Separate  local rules that see some boat ramps, beaches, headlands, carparks and parks in complete “lock down”  are a challenge for fishers that might access these areas to fish. These lock downs are being  enforced by Local Councils, State / Federal National Parks and Police and fishing is not a permissible excuse to overrule these and fishers need to be respectful in these difficult times and follow the local rules.

We all look forward to when we can all fish “like the good old days of 2019” when kids could be kids and fish with all their mates, but in the meantime, follow the rules and stay safe.

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