Runs on the board

Some of the achievements of the Recreational Fishing Alliance of NSW

2000: formed by a coalition of NSW recreational fishing organisations that had different fishing interests but a common desire to have a united voice in the management of recreational fisheries in NSW.
2000 – current: The NSW has produced hundreds of thousands of its “Don’t Put Your Life on the Line” safe fishing DVDs, producing them with volunteer effort by our members and successfully applying for repeat NSW Fishing Trust funding to duplicate and distribute the DVDs to individual fishers, fishing clubs, community groups, schools, fishing clinics and fishing competitions.
2000 – current: Members of the RFA executive committee hold positions on a number of advisory committees, including the Fisheries NSW Snowy Lakes Advisory Committee, Gaden Trout Hatchery Management Committee and the Fisheries NSW Trout Allocation Committee.
2008 – current: The RFA has an ongoing position on the NSW Recreational Fishing Saltwater Trust Committee.
2008 – current: The RFA along with its partners campaigns and secures a $5 million dollars community offset for loss of fishing access in Botany Bay that is delivering the following;
– $2.5 million for NSW’s largest offshore artificial reef, The John Dunphy Artificial Reef.
– $2 million for a new boat ramp in Botany Bay.
– $500,000 for a dedicated fishing platform in Botany Bay.
2010 – current: RFA committee member Malcolm Poole delegate to RecFish Australia.
2010 – current: RFA committee member Max Castle appointed to liaise between NSW Advisory Council on Recreational Fishing and RecFish Australia.
2010 – current: RFA committee members Max Castle and Malcolm Poole appointed to NSW Maritime Recreational Advisory Committee.
2012 – current: RFA established the “NSW RecFisher” email newsletter, sent monthly to over 3,500 recreational anglers and other stakeholders.
2012 – current: RFA established a dangerous fishing alert, constantly monitoring coastal fishing and boating conditions and sending email warnings to a database of over 3,500 anglers whenever dangerous conditions are forecast.
2014 – current: The RFA maintains a Facebook page.
2013 – current: The RFA established a website
2013 – current: the RFA established a website of fishing safety information and resources at
2014: RFA successfully trademarked the phrase “Don’t Put Your Life on the Line”.
2014: RFA secured funding from the NSW Recreational Fishing Trusts to employ a full-time Fishing Safety Officer.
2014 – current: RFA committee member Malcolm Poole RFA appointed delegate to Fish Habitat Partnership.
2015 – current: RFA committee member Malcolm Poole RFA delegate to the NSW government’s NSW Crown Holiday Parks Trust.
2015 – The RFA received observer status on the NSW Ministerial Fisheries Advisory Committee until the recreational fishing representative vacancy is filled.
2015: The RFA developed its “6 Rs” strategy document to guide its efforts in coming years.
2015 – current: “6 Rs” achievements:
– RFA “Gone Fishing Day” concept now a fully Trust-funded Statewide event.
– RFA “Access to Water Storages” concept now a NSW Trust funded risk assessment that is currently underway.
– RFA “Promote NSW as a Premier Fishing Destination” concept is underway with a series of NSW DPI fishing locality guides.
– RFA “Dedicated Fishing Platforms in Sydney Harbour” concept underway with NSW DPI.
2015 – current: The RFA’s Fishing Safety Officer engaged with community at dozens of public safe fishing events organised by Fisheries NSW, local councils, CALD communities and recreational fishing clubs.
2016: RFA Committee member Stan Konstantaras appointed as the recreational fishing adviser on the NSW Ministerial Fisheries Advisory Committee.
2016: RFA committee members Stan Konstantaras, Max Castle and Matthew Poulton appointed to Recreational Fishing NSW Advisory Council.
2016: RFA committee member Malcolm Poole RFA delegate to Australian Recreational Fishing Foundation.
2016: RFA leads recreational anglers in ‘Sydney Loves Fishing’ campaign to get better consultation and facilitate more angler responses to Hawkesbury Shelf Marine Bioregion Assessment process.
2016 – current: RFA lobbied NSW government for a review of recreational fishing bans on Sydney water storages, resulting in 2017 in a DPI review of regulations on Cataract Dam and Penrith Lakes.
2016 – current: RFA committee member Malcolm Poole appointed to NSW Rockfishing Working Group.
2016 – current: RFA coordination of stakeholder workshops during the NSW MEMA process.
2017 – current: RFA partners with DPI on the “Too Good to Lose” Sydney Wharves campaign.

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