USFA “3 Ps” Strategy

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The Underwater Skindivers and Fishermen’s Association (USFA) ‘Three P’s’ strategy highlights three aspects of spearfishing that by virtue of their simplicity fosters easy recall amongst the spearfishing community and other stakeholders. It aims to build on the framework provided by the Recreational Fishing Alliance of NSW (RFA) and is designed to…

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Who represents fishers in NSW?

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These are some of the key advisory and representative committees representing anglers in NSW. A new Recreational Fishing NSW Advisory Council has been established by the NSW government but representative members from the recreational fishing community have not yet been announced. Advisory Council on Recreational Fishing members Advisory Council…

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For general media enquiries: Stan Konstantaras – Chairman/President For fishing safety enquiries: Malcolm Poole – Fishing Safety Officer RFA of NSW logos Download small logo for partners to use online (low resolution file) Download large logo suitable for print reproduction (high resolution file) Download special extra small logo for…

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Join the RFA of NSW

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Join us Members Categories of membership are: Full Members with voting rights, state associations that represent a number of fishing clubs, and industry groups ($220 pa) Ordinary Members such as fishing clubs, community groups, businesses and advocacy groups ($55 pa) National Affiliate Members, being national fishing organisations that support the…

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Follow us on Facebook

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For updates on all current issues follow us on Facebook at You can also stay in touch by subscribing to out monthly newsletter NSW RecFisher. Click here to subscribe You will also receive our occasional safe fishing email alerts warning of any dangerous fishing conditions forecast for NSW waters.…

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Our website focuses on fishing safety for rock fishers, freshwater fishers, underwater fishers and boat fishers. It contains safe fishing information and videos translated to more than 20 languages. Visit the Safe Fishing website You can also view our videos here and on our YouTube channel. The Recreational Fishing…

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NSW RecFisher Newsletter and safe fishing alerts

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The RFA of NSW publishes a monthly newsletter NSW RecFisher for all fishers in the state. Click here to subscribe You will also receive our occasional safe fishing email alerts warning of any dangerous fishing conditions forecast for NSW waters. Ssubscription to NSW RecFisher is free. Please forward it to…

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The 6 Rs: Rehabilitate

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We want to work with the NSW government to REHABILITATE and protect valuable fish habitat across NSW for our fishing future. Why the RFA made this a priority: Protect, regenerate and enhance natural fish habitat to support diverse healthy fisheries and fish populations, and where appropriate enhance habitat and protect forage…

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The 6 Rs: Retain

Alistair McBurnie

We want to RETAIN access to our current and potential fishable waters and fish stocks within NSW. Why the RFA made this a priority: Respond to the need for State waterways to be better serviced by boat ramps, jetties, fishing platforms and in conjunction with local councils develop off-street permanent…

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The 6 Rs: Reform

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We want the NSW government to REFORM commercial fishing to deliver an efficient, profitable and sustainable industry valued and respected by the community. Why the RFA made this a priority: Support funding for the dignified retirement of excess fishing effort. Negotiate for the removal of inefficient or unsustainable fishing methods…

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