The 6 Rs: Review

We want a REVIEW of the current recreational fishing access fee to redefine the way funds are spent, driving a new direction for recreational fishing in NSW and restructuring the way the NSW Government consults with fishers.

Why the RFA made this a priority:

  • Simplify the Regulations and recreational fishing rules.
  • Stop the cost shifting of core government activities to the Recreational Fishing Trusts.

How the RFA hopes the Government will implement the priority:

  • During the lead up to the last election this was identified as one of the most contentious
    issues with the fishing access fee and the RFA is hopeful of working with NDWDPI to further
    discuss what core activities are covered within the NSWDPI Budget, what constitutes core
    activities and if any balancing of the core activities is required. The speculation and
    conjecture is not helpful to anyone.
  • The RFA is hopeful that a process for simplifying the current rules and regulations can be
    identified and that it is driven by recreational anglers to present to the Government as a
    viable option during the next review.
  • Through the establishment and support of an RFA Executive Officer to work with NSW DPI
    and the NSW Government to deliver this priority.

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