The 6 Rs: Revitalise

We want the NSW government to REVITALISE recreational fishing in NSW, to make it a premier recreational fishing destination and promote the health and well-being benefits of fishing for communities and families.

Why the RFA made this a priority:

  • Promote recreational fishing in NSW through Statewide fishing days
  • Promote NSW as a premier tourist destination through the establishment of fishing trails in
    the salt and freshwater.

How the RFA hopes the Government will implement the priority:

  • The RFA is hopeful of working with the NSW Government on the already promised “ Family
    Fishing Day”
  • The RFA, through its position on the NSW Holiday Trust Reserve Board and with the help of
    NSWDPI can establish and promote a series of fishing “trails” in NSW. Think of the Barra and
    Bass Trail in SE QLD.
  • Through the establishment and support of an RFA Executive Officer to work with NSW DPI
    and the NSW Government to deliver this priority.

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