About the RFA of NSW

The aims of the RFA are:
• To represent the interests of the recreational anglers of NSW and to gain equitable representation in the management of the State’s recreational fisheries.
• To promote sustainable fishing practices throughout NSW.
• To encourage the participation of children in recreational fishing.
• To pursue and secure the rights of recreational anglers to fishing access in NSW waters.
• To encourage recreational anglers to become involved in the well-being of the fishery.
• To promote consultation and communication between government bodies and anglers.
• To promote fishing safety.

The RFA has a mission to be recognised as the peak recreational fishing body in NSW. In the pursuit of this mission the RFA has set two goals: to deliver leadership to the recreational fishing community; and to contribute to sustainability of our fisheries resource.

Executive members and delegates to the RFA are actively involved in a wide range of fishing organisations and government consultative committees, including:
• Recfish Australia
• NSW DPI’s Trout Allocation Committee
• NSW DPI’s Snowy Lakes Working Group
• NSW Maritime’s Recreational Vessel Advisory Group
• Australian Water Safety Council

The RFA is constantly in consultation with the NSW Department of Primary Industries (Fisheries NSW) and other departments and agencies of the NSW government. We represent anglers on issues as diverse as fishing regulations, fishing safety, junior fishing, submarine cable exclusion zones, safe consumption of seafood and angling in marine parks.

The RFA also disseminates information within the fishing community, distributing electronic bulletins linking anglers to information on draft zoning plans, meeting dates, consultation processes and a raft of other relevant information to encourage anglers to get involved and participate in the well-being of the fishery.

Download the RFA of NSW constitution in PDF form.

The Recreational Fishing Alliance of New South Wales was formally established on March 12th, 2000 following a meeting of recreational fishing organisation delegates from around the state at the South Sydney Amateur Fishing Association rooms at Chifley, NSW. The NSW Branch of the Australian Sportfishing Association, the NSW Council of Freshwater Anglers, the NSW Branch of Australian Underwater Federation, the Anglers Action Group-Northside and the Australian Fishing Tackle Association were present at that initial meeting. The NSW Fishing Clubs Association was invited to attend subsequent meetings.

Officeholders 2020-21
President Stan Konstantaras (president@rfansw.com.au)
Vice President Max Castle
Secretary Peter Gibson (info@rfansw.com.au)
Treasurer Stan Konstantaras
Committee Terry Maloney, Matt Poulton, Malcolm Poole
Public Officer Max Castle

The RFA of NSW is funded by membership fees paid by organisations and individuals. It is not part of the NSW Government and its operations are not funded by the Government.

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