Diversity and Inclusion

The Recreational Fishing Alliance of NSW is committed to:
• valuing diversity, and to ensuring a diverse and inclusive environment for all anglers, so that they feel safe, respected and valued.
• contributing to a culture in the recreational fishing community that builds respect, fosters inclusiveness and promotes diversity.

This commitment is based on the following principles:
Engage stakeholders to ensure everyone has equitable fishing opportunities and representation.
Inform anglers of their rights and obligations to provide a safe and healthy recreational fishing community where all people are treated with dignity and respect.
Support anglers to achieve their potential and contribute their knowledge, skills and abilities to the greater benefit to the community.
Celebrate diversity and inclusion among the recreational fishing community, and recognise their achievements and contributions to the community.

RFA’s commitment will be achieved by:
• Adopting zero tolerance for behaviour which is sexist, racist, homophobic, bullying, harassing, discriminatory, uncivil, corrupt or illegal.
• Encouraging behaviour which is inclusive of people from every background, every affiliation, every physical and mental ability, every age group and every walk of life.
• Encouraging individuals, clubs, our representatives and people with commercial interests in recreational fishing to respect these values.
• Requiring recreational fishers to speak out and stand up for any person or group that is not being treated with respect.
• Supporting any individual who has a complaint about inappropriate behaviour and encouraging them to report incidents to an appropriate authority. We will continue to offer our support to resolve the issue.
• Reviewing this Diversity and Inclusion Statement every two years.

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