The 8 Rs: Retain

We want the NSW government to partner with recreational fishers to RETAIN access to our current and potential fishable waters and fish stocks within NSW. 

  • Ensure our state waterways are better serviced by boat ramps, jetties, fishing platforms and—in conjunction with local councils—respond to the need for development of off-street permanent storage facilities for boats/boat trailers in high-density residential areas.
  • Immediately stop any further closures to any jetty, fishing platform, beach, rock platform or shore-based access point in both fresh and saltwater unless reasonable alternatives are negotiated, including vehicular access.
  • Immediately open safe public fishing access points in areas like Crown reserves, National Parks, Marine Parks and utilising the remaining Crown roads network.
  • Respond to the need to maintain fishing recreational access rights to our current Recreational Fishing Havens and improve recreational fishing access to the Hunter, Macleay, Pittwater and Shoalhaven Rivers.
  • Immediately establish an independent arbitrator to rule on the hundreds of contentious access conflicts that are present between recreation anglers and land owners laying claim to legal access in the inland and that are denying legitimate access to our waterways like Talmalmo and Howlong on the Murray.
  • Immediately fund the survey of roads and tracks to public fishing waterways obstructed by illegal and privately controlled barriers on freehold and leased lands, i.e. locked gates and misleading signage.

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